Applecross Placenames Project


Gaelic name: Umbrella, The

Name in Original Source: Umbrella, The

English meaning: The Umbrella

Placename feature: Tree

Notes: No longer standing, this tree stood tall above the canopy of the other trees in the policies and plantations around Applecross House. It was visible against the skyline above Làrach Taigh Chrosby. It was used as a fishing mark by fishermen in days gone by. (Sandy Cameron, 16/10/2001) The exact positioning is hard to ascertain today, except that it must have been on a slightly higher elevation than other trees on the Estate policies so that it could be picked out as a mark from sea

W. J. Watson's notes:

Map name appears in: Does not appear on maps

Feature Co-ordinates: 57.439,-5.8

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