Applecross Placenames Project

Project history

When the Applecross Historical Society was formed in 1999, one of the principal aims was to collect, map and share the Gaelic place names of the peninsula. Over the last forty years, in particular, many of those who were most intimately acquainted with the landscape have passed away taking their knowledge with them.

This project is an attempt to record what remains and share that knowledge with the broadest audience possible. All existing sources (Ordnance Survey, reference books, etc.) that we can realistically access have been consulted. Interviews have been conducted with older members of the community, and we have been very lucky that they have all been willing to share their memories and stories.

The Applecross Historical Society gratefully acknowledges the support of the Applecross Landscape Partnership in making this project possible, as well as the valuable support of the following funding bodies:


The Applecross Trust

The Heritage Lottery Fund

The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development