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Gaelic name: Àird Dhubh, An

Name in Original Source: Aird-dhubh

English meaning: The Black Headland

Placename feature: Promontory; Township

Notes: Àn Àird Dhubh is more commonly Anglicised and understood by today's residents and visitors as Ardubh. It was a post-improvement settlement, to where people were moved after the Applecross Estate was 'improved' by John MacKenzie, 7th laird of Applecross. It had no natural freshwater source, so residents would row to Alltan Dubh near Cuil Dubh a' Chill to fill barrels of drinking water.

W. J. Watson's notes:

Map name appears in: Sheet 1880 CIX-AHS

Feature Co-ordinates: 57.400661,-5.819688

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