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Gaelic name: Àirigh, An

Name in Original Source: Airidh

English meaning: The Shieling

Placename feature: Agricultural feature

Notes: This name is listed only as Airidh on the Griffin/Beaton map, on the course of Allt na Mòine which flows into the sea north of the township of cfAn Lòn Bàn. This would appear to be the area of a cluster of shielings (more than just one) on the slopes above An Lòn Bàn marked as 'Cairns' on the Ordnance Survey's 1880 map sheet XCIA. The full name appears to have been lost (01/09/2012)

W. J. Watson's notes:

Map name appears in: Griffin/Beaton map

Feature Co-ordinates: 57.507923,-5.852755

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