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Gaelic name: Àirigh Dhriseach, An

Name in Original Source: Airidh-drishaig

English meaning: Bramble or thorny shieling; Shieling of the brambles

Placename feature: Township

Notes: Formerly a small crofting township on the south-east of the Applecross peninsula, it was cleared and resettled as a sheep farm around the winter of 1836/1837. The majority of those evicted were moved to the township of Culduie, which had previously been a sheep farm; the farmer, Mr Bain, had requested that he get the land at An Àirigh Dhriseach as it was better.

W. J. Watson's notes: 216: Aridrishaig - G an Àirigh dhriseach, thorny shieling

Map name appears in: 1880 Sheet CXVI

Feature Co-ordinates: 57.367493,-5.712534

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