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Gaelic name: Comraich [A' Chomraich]

Name in Original Source: A' Chomraich

English meaning: The sanctuary

Placename feature: Settlement

Notes: The modern-day and traditional Gaelic name for Applecross. It is also sometimes referred to as Comraich Ma-Ruibhe(W.J. Watson's Rosg Gàidhlig: Specimens of Gaelic Prose (1929), 38), or even A' Chomraich Abrach, meaning the sanctuary of the confluence (W.J. Watson's The Celtic Place Names of Scotland (2004 reprint), 78). More accurately, it should probably be read to refer to the area supposedly bounded by the former sanctuary associated with Saint Maelrubha's monastic settlement and marked out with crosses/carved stones, extending six miles in all directions from that settlement. It is from the area of what is known today as An Clachan that these co-ordinates are taken.<br /><br /><br /><br />Also called: Combricht (Hermann Moll's maps of 1714, 1718); Combrich (Hermann Moll's map, 1732); Combrig (Jansson's map, 1659)

W. J. Watson's notes:

Map name appears in: Does not appear on maps

Feature Co-ordinates: 57.4452,-5.8116

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