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Gaelic name: Bior-pholl [A' Bhior-pholl]

Name in Original Source: A' Bhior-pholl

English meaning: Well pool

Placename feature: Inland pool

Notes: See also Poll a' bhior, although the co-ordinates here reflect the area in front of what was the keeper's house when W. J. Watson was compiling his book Place Names of Ross and Cromarty

W. J. Watson's notes: 204: Hartfield - G. Coille-mhùiridh ... Near the keeper's house is a pool called Poll a'Bhior or a' Bhior-pholl; bior is an old Ir. word glossed 'water' and 'well'; 'Well-pool.'

Map name appears in: NG 74 NW

Feature Co-ordinates: 57.455,-5.798

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