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Gaelic name: Ach' a' Choirce

Name in Original Source: Ach' a' Choirce

English meaning: Oat field

Placename feature: Township

Notes: This township was cleared around the 1820s and no trace of it remains today. The residents were, according to local tradition, given work taking the stones from their houses down to the shore below Sardail (q.v.) to build a wall along the track that lead towards An Fhaoilinn. This had the dual purpose of employing them usefully and making sure they could never go back to rebuild their community. This area was one of the best arable areas in Applecross. It is briefly mentioned in the entry written by Reverend John MacQueen for the Old Statistical Account (Vol. XIV, 380): 'Gaelic is the only language ordinarily preached in the district. The names of the places are principally derived from it, the rest from the Danish ... achadh chork, the field of oats, from achadh, field, and cork, oats.' <br /><br /><br /><br />Kenneth Macrae F.S.A.: It comprised good arable parkland between Boradail and Longoll and was well populated before the evicitions. According to the evidence of Roderick MacBeth, a cottar from Torgarve, to the Royal Commission to the Highlands and Islands in 1892: It is to the north-east, between Langwell and Keppach. It is on the road to Kishorn. This man was the great, grandfather of the late Roddy MacRae (also known as Ruaraidh Mhortie Ally or Roddy Milton, died March 2011).

W. J. Watson's notes:

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Feature Co-ordinates: 57.4332,-5.8063

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