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Gaelic name: Achadh Iain Thormoid

Name in Original Source: Achadh Iain Thormoid

English meaning: Iain Thormoid's Outby Field

Placename feature: Field

Notes: According to Calum MacKay (Information 27/12/2006) who was told by the late Alister Gillies (died 10/09/1984 aged 95) this was the area of the large parking place and viewpoint on the summit of the Bealach na Bà road, or possibly the area immediately below it. Mike Suumers (17/09/2012) called this place Achadh Nighean Iain Thormoid

W. J. Watson's notes:

Map name appears in: Does not appear on maps

Feature Co-ordinates: 57.4187,-5.709

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