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Gaelic name: Achadh, An t-

Name in Original Source: Achaidh

English meaning: The (outby) field

Placename feature: Field

Notes: This place, pronounced 'Ach-ee', is above the east shore of Loch Toscaig. It is a lovely, flat green plain with a burn running through it. There are several shieling-type ruins on and around the edges. It belonged to the Uags people and was cultivated by them for potatoes and corn (and probably hay). Peat was cut from banks nearby by Toscaig people. Imagine carrying a creel of peats back from there, said Rhoda Cameron (1912-2006) who remembered the area well from her childhood. She also said that the people had no boats until the Clearances. <br /><br /><br /><br />According to Roderick Gillanders, speaking to the School of Scottish Studies, it was called Achadh Urrabroc. He also said it was used for cultivation and was renowned for potatoes, but was part of the Toscaig grounds. Wentworth (2003), 260: outfield, outby field .... The word achadh is used of a field on the hill, outside a township, formerly - in pre-crofting times - cultivated in some years. It was also used of the green areas at former shielings, which may never have been actually dug or ploughed.

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Feature Co-ordinates: 57.364122,-5.796389

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