Applecross Placenames Project


This database contains all the place names so far mapped for the Applecross peninsula. Please note that some names refer to off-shore features such as reefs, or even to metaphysical features such as fishing marks. Some names currently appear only in the database: this is because they have not had a location fixed. In other words, we know of, or have sources for, these names – we just don’t know exactly where they were.

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By clicking on a name in the database, you will get the Gaelic orthography, English translation, geographical or informational notes, co-ordinates and so on. The link will take you to the Google map so you can see the name in its location.

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Name in Original SourceGaelic nameEnglish meaning
Sròn na h-Airde Bàine Sròn na h-Àirde Bàine Point of the white headland
Sròn na h-Airde Duibhe Sròn na h-Àirde Duibhe The nose/point of the Black Promontory
Sròn na Rinne Sròn na Rinne Point of the point
Stair Stair, An The Stepping stones; The Causeway
Stob, The Stob, The The stob
Suidhe Maree Suidhe Ma-Ruibhe Maree's/Maelruba's Seat
Taigh a' Chait Fhiadhaich Taigh a' Chait Fhiadhaich House of the wildcat
Taigh a' Cheistear Taigh a' Cheisteir Catechist's house
Taigh Chladach Duncan Taigh Chladach Duncan The house of/on Duncan's shore
Taigh Eilidh Bheag Taigh Eilidh Bheag Little Helen's house