Applecross Placenames Project


This database contains all the place names so far mapped for the Applecross peninsula. Please note that some names refer to off-shore features such as reefs, or even to metaphysical features such as fishing marks. Some names currently appear only in the database: this is because they have not had a location fixed. In other words, we know of, or have sources for, these names – we just don’t know exactly where they were.

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By clicking on a name in the database, you will get the Gaelic orthography, English translation, geographical or informational notes, co-ordinates and so on. The link will take you to the Google map so you can see the name in its location.

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Name in Original SourceGaelic nameEnglish meaning
Achadh Loch na Creadha Achadh Loch na Creadha Field of the clay loch
Achadh Mhor Achadh Mòr Big (outby) field
Achadh nam Feadan Achadh nam Feadan Field of the streams
Achadh Nighean Iain Thormoid Achadh Nighean Iain Thormoid Outby field of Iain Thormoid's daughter
Achadh Urrabroc Achadh Urrabroc The Outby Field of Urrabroc
Achaidh Achadh, An t- The (outby) field
Achd a' Leth-uillt Achd a' Leth-uillt The half-stream field
Achichork Park Pairc Ach' a' Choirce The park of the oat field
Aird-dhubh Àird Dhubh, An The Black Headland
Àird, An Àird, An The promontory